Its a victory-victory situation in their mind and you can a leave-treat state for our Soldiers/marines

Its a victory-victory situation in their mind and you can a leave-treat state for our Soldiers/marines

UAVs commonly tough, reusable products, however for the new MICC-TT disposable = maximum profits even when it does not get the results we want in order to earn in battle

Each other Secretary out-of Coverage Donald Rumsfeld/Neocons additionally the uniformed Generals believe in the fresh new Tofflerian community-examine that individuals are in new «third Revolution» out-of civilization in which we can manage without any physical and emotionally point firepower even with numerous disastrous years into the Iraq appearing the new Actual world dominated by the Large Explosives (HE) usually do not because of the mouse-visited out with mental tap dances and you may troops for the insecure automobiles.

Once you have caught up into reputation for Highest Explosives (HE) online web page over, then you will be ready to check out the thus-named «Revolution into the Armed forces Facts» (RMA) and discover if their nothing more than a great «transformation» sex alter procedure from men-to-ladies, while making all of our army faulty and you will poor. We suggest your have a look at text less than to explain exactly how so it is a wrong build to possess information war in order to find a alot more best snapshot out-of what’s very happening, upcoming check out the power point glides to cover exact same informative framework once again that have photo demonstrating new items.

Control (physical) | |

New Armed forces, Commercial, Congressional and you can Think-tank Complex (MICC-TT) try race direct long into the an enthusiastic emasculated rational situation/cures, bomb-them-with-firepower construction that people are enjoying ahead of the sight in the Lebanon try a disappointing failure up against also a sandwich-national foe that have beneficial rugged, hilly, mountainous surface that he features dug on the that have civilians acting as protects at the top then erecting a safety surveillance hit cutting-edge (SSC) to full cover up an unpleasant skyrocket/missile cellular launcher force so you’re able to take with the Israel when their Iranian puppet advantages eliminate-the-string. Before the IDF’s newest dilemmas, we got more than 3+ numerous years of problems in Iraq playing with digital situation cures and you will firepower, but really this has not changed DoD’s as well as the Army’s preparations for the long run you to iota. To make mental equipment you to skimp into the bodily was cheaper during the Point however, industry can always costs more income because they’re called «advanced». Look at the give-revealed Puma UAV, fundamentally an unit airplanes that have a tv camera relay. It does merely endure 200 landings but really will set you back $35, 000–3 x the expense of a special car, this exact same currency you certainly will upwards-armor an entire M113 Gavin to really make it RPG and you will landmine evidence. They nonetheless believe «RMA» firepower using throwaway rational equipment is needed whilst will be a nation-state we are going to endeavor second, because if who would Directly alter the Disease when the Hezbollah are named and you can tested in another way. For individuals who cause for Hezie-B’s sponsors, It’s Nation-Condition Conflict into the Lebanon; Iran versus. Israel. and you can RMA mentalism possess hit a brick wall truth be told there miserably for any community, plus all of our prospective foes to see. The world is actually the world. The battle contrary to the world (TBATE) is taking place, the latest MICC-TT inside their technoarrogance won’t build TBATE the original thought in just about any force structure, ergo he’s destroyed and you may away from touching with fact. They would like to focus on the latest equipment to counter just what person opponents are trying to do since if it was a science reasonable, he’s during the zero position so you’re able to prevail throughout the battle up against guy (TBAM) in the event that TBATE try kicking her or him regarding the butt and you may diluting their army force effects.

X Most readily useful Popular Denominator Army = Operate + Firepower |. / |. / |. / |. / |. / _________________FIREPOWER (mental)

We should be spending cash to help you in addition attract more bodily control and you will firepower steered by the rational mode. This isn’t what is happening, we are paying about into the rational setting and you will actually taking weaker and you will weakened.

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